free music: kyla la grange

twihard or not- get obsessed with “vampire smile.”

by liza darwin

She may be a pretty blonde, but Kyla La Grange isn't like all the other sugary sweet female singers crowding the music market today. In fact, this 24-year-old Brit babe and ex-Cambridge philosophy student is pretty much the complete opposite.

Signed to the U.K.'s Communion label, she's got an icy-clear voice that sounds like a mashup of Lissie, Lykke Li, and Bat for Ashes, but with an angsty edge. While "Walk through Walls," the first single off her debut EP, is a high-flying upbeat jam with a crescendo chorus, we're more in love with her latest song, the mysteriously creepy "Vampire Smile."

And although the song title might suggest otherwise, don't assume that it's the next addition to a teenybopper soundtrack. With strummy guitars, spooky lyrics and a shadowy sensibility, you'll soon see that this track is too cool for that.

Download "Walk through Walls" here and "Vampire Smile" here!