Kylie Jenner Is Once Again Being Accused Of Stealing Designs

Keeping up with the Kardashians’ lawsuits

by Sarah Beauchamp

Kylie Jenner has been accused of stealing clothing designs for her new camo line, printing her face over the images of musical legends without permission, and even copying a fashion blogger's Coachella look. Now she's faced yet again with accusations that she's stolen the work of someone else.

British artist Sara Pope is taking legal action against the makeup mogul after spotting a neon sign in the trailer for Life of Kylie that bears a striking resemblance to her work, "Temptation Neon." 

Below is Pope's piece from 2015. 

And here is the sign that appears in the Life of Kylie promotion:

While Pope has filed legal documents against Jenner, according to TMZ, a statement given to the site claims Jenner had nothing to do with choosing the images in the teaser. 

Jenner was also accused of stealing ideas from makeup artist Vlada Haggerty last year, and copying her new Kyshadow palette from YouTuber Shannon Harris. Basically this isn't Jenner's first rodeo. 

She has yet to respond to Pope's accusations.