good listener

start your friday right with la roux, sinceyou, and tv girl!

by nylon

La Roux - “Tropical Chancer”

Miss Elly Jackson, a.k.a. La Roux, released another track off her upcoming full-length earlier this week, and it immediately put us in a weekend-ready mood. This disco-driven song is giving us some serious Daft Punk “Get Lucky” vibes, and we’re thinking “Tropical Chancer” might just take that song’s place as this year’s summer anthem. Side note: Yes, today is Friday the 13th, but as long as we’ve got our headphones, La Roux, and the repeat button, we’re feeling #blessed. TGIF! MICHAELA BIASUCCI

sinceyou - “Free Tuesday”

The season doesn’t officially start until next weekend’s solstice, but we’ve already found the perfect song to soundtrack our summer reverie. Dreamy, dewy vocals and irresistibly lackadaisical guitar riff loops come together on this carefree release from the recently formed Boston band. If you need us, we’ll be on the Rockaways shuttle. See you at the seashore. MB

Bishop Allen - “Start Again”

As if I didn’t already have a serious addiction to online real estate voyeurism, forever searching for the perfect sleepy upstate cottage that I will not be able to afford in the foreseeable future, Bishop Allen’s latest video, a self-described “situationist map of Kingston” (the Hudson Valley town the band moved to four years ago from Brooklyn), has me hitting up Zillow yet again with all of its shots of town squares, railroad tracks, and stand-alone houses set to catchy, late-’90s-era Yo La Tengo-esque indie-pop. MELISSA GIANNINI

TV Girl - “Birds Don’t Sing”

The last time I was in France, I spent the weekend beachside on the Riviera, soaking up rays and floating in the Mediterranean. OK, so maybe I actually spent two days huddling for warmth in a Paris hostel during a torrential downpour. But listening to this single from San Diego lo-fi duo TV Girl’s debut album, French Exit, with its whirling instrumentation and dreamy synth touches is making me imagine un jour parfait in Europe. Sigh. BANU IBRAHIM

Gorgeous Bully - “Dissolve”

Gorgeous Bully may have ditched its one-man group status, but even as a four-piece, the bedroom pop is just as intimate, with lead singer Thomas Crang’s fuzzy and slightly dissonant vocals stark against a distant guitar as it lingers and then, well, dissolves, into thin air. BI