See Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper In The First ‘A Star Is Born’ Trailer

Is it Oscar worthy? You be the judge

The two-and-a-half-minute clip that got people talking about Oscar contention is finally here.

A couple of months ago, some lucky individuals got the chance to get the first glimpse of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born remake. People called it (yes, the trailer!!!!) “moving” and “utterly electric!” Let us reiterate, the trailer was being reviewed, not the actual movie. Now that it's here for public consumption, we can confirm that, yes, it's indeed a delight.

In it, singer (a stripped-down Lady Gaga) and a country star at a low point (Bradley Cooper) get close. His character discovers her on stage, encourages her to sing original songs, and helps, as the title suggests, turn her into a star. We also get a glimpse of some original music from the film’s soundtrack. At Gaga’s insistence, all of the songs were recorded live on set as the movie was filmed.

Now, about that Oscar talk. All three of the previous A Star is Born remakes have been nominated for Academy Awards in the past. So, it’s very likely that this version will receive at least one. Question is, for whom? A star is born, and they go by the name of…

The film hits theaters October 5. Watch the trailer, below.