Lady Gaga Dropped The Mic On “Carpool Karaoke”

Buckle up

by daniel barna

A visit to James Corden's "Carpool Karaoke" passenger seat has become a must for any artist looking to promote a new album, but oftentimes Corden himself looks a lot a more excited to be there than his guest does (ahem, Britney). Well, not Lady Gaga. The singer was on hand Tuesday to promote her new album, Joanneand boy did she have a good time. No one puts in more effort than Gaga, and that's never been more apparent than in the video above, as she and Corden go note for soaring note on a string of hits from the singer's impressive roster. 

Starting with new cut "Perfect Illusion," the dynamic duo also gives rousing renditions of Gaga classic like “Bad Romance,” “Born This Way,” and “Poker Face.” At one point, Gaga, who tells Corden that she just got her driver's license a few months ago, hops into the driver's seat and throws caution to the wind. Just to be safe, Corden grabs the nearest helmet, and they launch into "Edge of Glory," quite possibly for the final time. 

Just kidding. Gaga looks like she can handle herself behind the wheel almost as well as she can behind the mic. Seriously, anytime this woman opens her mouth to sing, we're reminded of just how supremely talented she really is. That's never more apparent than on segment closer, "Perfect Illusion," which, well, if you don’t get goosebumps from watching it, you might want to check your pulse.