Lady Gaga I Want Your Love Tom Ford Video

yaaas, gaga! this is so good!

Rumor has it Lady Gaga’s fifth studio album will feature disco influences. Though she’s shared photos from her studio sessions with The Fame producer RedOne and had the project’s praises sung by Elton John, we haven’t heard much of anything, music-wise. It’s one prolonged session of aural foreplay that’s only gotten more intense, thanks to fashion’s libido king, Tom Ford.

Gaga teamed up with Nick Knight for Ford’s spring/summer 2016 collection video. Narrative-wise, it’s just a bunch of really pretty people dancing around a runway, wearing really pretty clothes. What they’re dancing to, though, is Gaga like we’ve never heard before: disco-fide. ("Disco Heaven" notwithstanding.) She works the runway among the professionals like a pro, lip-syncing for her life and whatnot. It’s a sleek video pulsing with a sleek, retro-but-totally-modern song. If this is what we can expect from LG5, bring it on. It’s about time we danced to Gaga again.