Lady Gaga Just Dropped A New Video For “John Wayne”

It’s a wild, cinematic ride

In a move that has some fans more shook than her Super Bowl performance (and homegirl jumped off of the roof for that), Lady Gaga just surprise-dropped a new video for “John Wayne.” And it’s a wild, wild ride.

For a brief history lesson, John Wayne was an American actor who starred in Western films like The Searchers and True Grit. While the man himself has little to nothing to do with the song, the idea of meeting a man of the same country caliber (with a bit of edge) takes center stage. “Every John is just the same/ I’m sick of their city games/ I crave a real wild man/ I’m strung out on John Wayne,” Gaga sings.

In the video, she gets him. By way of neon, motorcycles, cowboy hats, and bullet heels, she’s definitely not in the metropolis anymore. Because what’s more country than streaked mascara, guns, and dirt racing?

The video has a lot going on, in a good way. Like, in a good, classic Gaga way. Similar to the song, it’s infectious, lively, and rowdy, which is a noticeable departure from her more demure videos for “Perfect Illusion” and “Million Reasons.” It reads more like a cinematic experience than visuals for a music video, dramatic endings and all. We’re strung the fuck out, Gaga.

Of course, this has every Little Monster wondering, "Is this the song she plans on performing at the Grammys this Sunday with Metallica?" It’s possible and likely. “John Wayne” is definitely one of the more raucous songs on Joanne, fitting for the company she’s teaming up with. We’ll find out in four days what she ultimately plans on doing.