the 5 weirdest things to happen in lady gaga’s “applause” video

it was hard to choose just five..

by liza darwin

It should go without saying that when you have a Lady Gaga clip on your computer screen, things are bound to get a little bit crazy. After taking a break to focus on herself (not to mention, pose nude in the forest and roll around in hay, etc. etc.) Mother Monster has returned with a brand new video for “Applause.” Directed by fashion photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, the provocative video is proof that she hasn't lost her touch one bit.

The singer stopped by Good Morning America earlier today for the premiere–and let's just be honest– between the jester makeup, the seashell bras, and the NSFW writhing around on the mattress, she gave us a lot to look at as soon as we woke up. So now that we've had a few hours for our eyeballs to fully digest the clip in all the Gaga glory, let's break down the absolute weirdest things that happened in those three minutes below.

1. ART FARCE- The singer's forthcoming album might be titled ARTPOP, but you could also argue that she's poking fun at the art world as a whole in the video. I mean, you can't really take a woman jumping out of a giant top hat and prancing around in a turtleneck black bodysuit too seriously, can you? At least, I hope not.

2. SAD CLOWNS- If you're scared of clowns, you might want to cover your eyes during parts of the video. Gaga told GMA of her beauty look, “We put this clown makeup on my face and as an ode to the jester. As I was performing on the set, I started to feel really emotional and sad because I hadn't seen my fans for a long time. It's very different performing for a camera than performing for 50,000 people. It feels different, and I truly miss them. So I took my hands and I smudged the makeup down my face like tears.” Between the blue around her eyes, the two-toned lips, and the porcelain face, go ahead and blame Gaga if you have weird clown nightmares tonight.

3.NEXT-LEVEL LINGERIE- Interesting outfits (to say the least) are a Gaga given, but the seashell bra and panties she flaunts here really take it up a notch. It's pretty much impossible to choose which outfit is stranger, the shells or the hand bra she wears later on in the video…we'll call it a tie.

4.BLACK SWAN- Lady Gaga's blonde pixie head planted right onto a swan's body. Oh, and she breathes fire. Enough said?

5.PURPLE REIGN- Given the fact that the slick video was filmed by fashion industry favorites Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, it's not surprising that there's a definite style-centric edge. But what really cements the sentiment is the image of Gaga strutting down the runway in a pure purple haze. Decked out in flowers and walking in an explosion of violet glitter, the wholel thing is very Corpse Bride-meets-Beetlejuice, don't you think? — LIZA DARWIN