Lady Gaga Takes Us Back With a ’90s Cover

of 4 non blondes’ “what’s up”

While she may have received the the Songwriter's Hall Of Fame Contemporary Icon Award at the 46th Songwriters’ Hall of Fame awards in honor of her own groundbreaking pop music, Lady Gaga took the opportunity during her performance at the ceremony to tip her hat to another songwriter, Linda Perry.

Taking to the stage dressed in an oversized blazer and bra combo, the 29-year-old singer belted out Perry's 1992 4 Non Blondes hit, "What's Up." Before introducing Perry as one of her songwriting idols, Gaga discussed the track's influence on her own life: "The song I just performed changed my life a million times over—over and over again, not just once in my life. But many times ago when I revisit it. Isn’t that what a fucking hit song is supposed to do!?” 

Later in the evening, Perry performed own soulful rendition of "Bad Romance" as Tony Bennett presented Gaga with her award. The pop star expressed her gratitude later on Instagram, saying, "Hearing [that song] last night and being honored for my songwriting was a trip from outer space."

(via MTV News)