This Hilarious Video Series Will Make You Cringe At Our Abortion Laws

lady parts justice is about to school you in trap laws

Abortion laws have never been something to joke about, but Lady Parts Justice—a "not safe for work" reproductive justice messaging hub—found a way to find humor in this serious issue. Their new four-part comedy series pokes fun at the United States' feels-like-we-only-go-backwards abortion regulations. These videos are scheduled to drop ahead of the historic Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt Supreme Court case, which will determine American womens' access to abortion on March 2.

Of course, there's a seriously dark undercurrent to this comedy series. "Thousands of women will wake up this morning needing an abortion," the narrator playfully states over a twangy, upbeat banjo. "Like Alice, from Puxatawnee, Pennsylvania. Because of TRAP laws, she has to travel 84 miles one-way to the nearest place to have her procedure." Poor Alice then runs into "Rando White Dude" on the street, now the bumbling state senator who passed those "creepy TRAP laws" and is way too happy about it. The plot only goes downhill from there.

Get a free lesson in law by watching the first installment of the series, above.