Ladyhawke’s “A Love Song” Video Is Everything That Was Good About The ’90s

So Much Nostalgia

by daniel barna

With warm weather just around the corner, the annual hunt for the song of the summer has officially begun. Cue Ladyhawke, the Aussie born, L.A. based electro-pop princess who won our hearts with her classic banger "Paris is Burning." With her new single, "A Love Song," she easily proves that her early success was no fluke. Pulled from her upcoming third album Wild Things (out June 3rd), "A Love Song" is a shimmering, synth-heavy anthem with more hooks than a Peter Pan cosplay convention. 

The only thing better than the song itself, is the accompanying video, a neon ode to the nineties. The premise is simple: A bored video store clerk's day takes an unexpected turn when a very special visitor drops off a VHS tape (remember those?) marked "A Love Song."

"She puts it in the video player and I appear on the screen singing to her," explains Ladyhawke, whose real name is Pip Brown. "From that moment on every person that walks in the store she falls in love with! It was a really fun shoot directed by Youth Hymns, and all the extras were amazing and fun to work with!"

The video was actually filmed in a video rental store in London, which, if it isn't already a national historic landmark, it should be. Watch the beautifully nostalgic video for "A Love Song" above.