Lammily’s New Period Pack For Dolls Will Teach Girls About Their Periods

mothers everywhere are thanking lammily

For over 50 years, Barbie has been the grand supreme of dolls, helping girls everywhere realize their dreams through variously themed play-dates and add-ons, like ballerina costumes and doctors' scrubs.

But Barbie’s reign has not gone without controversy. Aside from being criticized for establishing unhealthy body-image expectations through her unrealistic proportions, Barbie also fails to teach young girls important life lessons, including what it means to have your period.

But that’s all about to change: Mothers and health teachers everywhere are collectively sighing in relief, thanks to Lammily’s new "Period Party" pack.

The accessory pack includes an educational pamphlet, reusable pad and liner stickers to put in the doll’s underwear, and a calendar with dot stickers to keep track of the doll’s cycle. The addition will hit stores in November—just in time for aunts who have no idea what to gift their pre-teen nieces this holiday season.

Photo courtesy of Lammily 

Since Lammily dolls were released last year, moms have favored the dolls over Barbie because of their average body proportions, acne, stretch mark, and cellulite stickers, which promote a realistic body image. While most women experience their menstrual cycle each month, it’s still a taboo topic that many don’t feel comfortable openly discussing, so it's admirable that Lammily is making an effort to help girls feel comfortable about their bodies' functions.

Watch the Lammily’s video for the pack below, and travel back in time to the awkward conversation you had about your first period. And be thankful the parents in the clip aren’t yours.