Stop Everything—Stevie Nicks Is Going To Be On Lana Del Rey’s New Album

Dream coven

by Lisa Eppich

It wasn't really a stretch or a surprise to see Lana Del Rey embrace her witchy side in the teaser for her new album, Lust for Life. The singer's always had that magical, earthy, ethereal sadness about her, combined with the billowing dresses, flowing locks, and eyeliner for days that so characterizes the modern sorceress. What is a surprise is that she's invited music's original witch mother, Stevie Nicks, to collaborate on a track that we desperately need but maybe don't deserve because do we deserve nice things anymore?

Del Rey already released the album's title track, a love ballad featuring The Weeknd, but not much else is known about the new album (like when it's going to come out) or about the collaboration with Nicks. Earlier this year, the singer said she wanted her new album to be "more socially aware" in light of our current political situation. This theme might tie into one of the other big names on the album, Sean Ono Lennon, who will be featured on a track titled "Tomorrow Never Came," but that's solely speculation based on the fact that Ono Lennon was sired by two of the most important political musicians who ever lived.

Meanwhile, the best we can do is gather our coven and wait for the album to drop, though Oyster Mag was kind enough to find some great Del Rey/Nicks mashups on YouTube to tide us over. Check them out below.

(Via Oyster Mag and Pitchfork)