Lana Del Rey + Father John Misty Team For Mind-Bending ‘Freak’ Video

you’ve been waiting for this.

by daniel barna

Lana Del Rey is ready to show the world her inner freak. It took a while, but the morose crooner has finally shared the video for her new single "Freak." It's off her haunting third album Honeymoon, and as promised, it features the Maryland-born hippie troubadour Father John Misty. Over the years, Del Rey has never shied away form her unbridled adoration of the freewheeling folk god, which is plain to see in this sprawling, psychedelic clip. And by sprawling, we mean sprawling—the video lasts a whopping 11 minutes. 

Part of the extended run-time can be attributed to Del Rey's keen sense of storytelling. Since breaking out in 2010, the 30-year-old singer has established herself as one of music's great video auteurs. The other part probably has something to do with the fact that Del Rey and Mr. Misty just really, really dig each other. Who else in pop music could embark on something as intricate as a synchronized swimming routine and make it look this natural? Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton? Rihanna and Drake? Not a chance. 

Watch LDR and FTM win a gold medal above.