Photo By Christopher Polk/ Getty Images.


Lana Del Rey Poses With Yet Another Car For New Album Art

Can’t knock the girl’s continuity

There’s something different about Lana Del Rey’s new album art for Lust for Life. Something we’re not used to seeing visually from the artist and something she’s doing for the first time on a cover: She’s smiling! Everything else is basically usual Lana terrain though: the wavy hair, the retro aesthetic, and the classic car in the background.

Have you ever noticed the singer’s affinity for automobiles before today? It’s strong. She posed in front of what appears to be the same green-blue pickup truck for her Born To Die art. For Ultraviolence, she gets one step closer to actually entering a vehicle, as she’s seen pouting while holding onto the door of a convertible. And Honeymoon finds our starlet actually stepping foot inside the car. What an evolution.

So, what does the fact that Lana is now lingering outside of a vehicle again mean? Is it, like, her hinting at the fact that she’s going back to her OG music days? Is she trolling us? Was she ever really in the car? Or is she just a girl who enjoys some continuity in her life? Whatever, we just want the damn album already.