Listen To A Newly Leaked Lana Del Rey Song

It’s called “Super Movie”

The Lana Leaks continue. A new, previously unheard song called "Super Movie" has found its way onto the internet. It sounds like a cut off 2012's Paradise EP, but some people believe it to be a demo for last year's Honeymoon.

NME reports that "Super Movie" may be the precursor to another unreleased song called "On Our Way." Both tracks feature similar lyrics, like "I'm your little super 8 movie / You know I'm in love with ya truly." What's more, both songs' choruses are the same. "On Our Way" leaked back in 2011. 

Last month, the video for Del Rey's "Honeymoon" surfaced. According to LDR, the video was never released because "nothing really happened in it." It's a blissed-out dream, nonetheless—one that'll have to tide you over until her new album comes out. Del Rey has been in the studio, but as she told NME, her label "is pretty flexible and open to my records coming out at any time, so I don't have that pressure." Something new is coming, though. Just you wait.