Listen To a Clip of Lana Del Rey’s New Song “Life Is Beautiful

on a new ‘the age of adaline’ trailer

If you're making a movie about love and eternity and glamor and other abstract concepts that belong on the romance rack, there's likely no singer better suited to evoke those notions than Lana Del Rey. She did it for The Great Gatsby, and now she's doing it for The Age of Adaline. The singer just dropped a clip of her new song, "Life Is Beautiful," with that movie's new trailer, which shows Blake Lively as a woman who doesn't age but who does eventually fall in love, despite her best efforts not to.

The song serves as a kind of spiritual sequel—in theme, sound, and even title—to Del Rey's Gatsby ballad, "Young and Beautiful." We only get a snippet of it here, but you can most likely hear the whole thing during Adaline's closing credits, when the movie hits theaters this weekend, and then on the Internet for time everlasting.