Lana Del Rey West Coast

lana del rey reveals her new single.

by liza darwin

Lots of Lana news this week! First, the internet exploded when a track leaked from the musician entitled "Meet Me In the Pale Moonlight." Although we've had the disco-inflected song on loop since, leave it to Del Rey to set the record straight for everyone. As the singer noted, it isn't intended for her new album--it's actually four years old. However, she did reveal a tidbit about her first official jam from Ultraviolence in a tweet to Prefix. The title is "West Coast," and immediately after she tweeted the name, LDR posted a photo of herself with the caption "West Coast." Coincidence? We think not. (Poponandon)

Lea Seydoux's Prada campaign is TO.DIE.FOR. Check it out in the gallery to see why we're all so obsessed. (FashionCopius

Watch MIA and Janelle Monae perform simultaneously at bicoastal events for Audi (via hologram) below, and let us know if you dig it. The whole concept is very Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, if you ask us... (Stereogum)

Longtime NYLON faves like Tavi, writer Amy Rose Spiegel, and musician Rachel Trachtenburg score a feature in the The New York Times, where they discuss everything from the difficulties of being an individual to why they can relate to Emma Watson. Brush up on your cool girls-to-know here. (The New York Times)

Remember when Chvrches remixed SOAK's addictive breakout single "Blud"? Now the 17-year-old musician has returned the favor, covering the Scottish band's anthem "The Mother We Share." Listen and download the gorgeous revamp for free below! (Fortitude