Lana Del Rey Heads To The Future In “White Mustang” Video

Future L.A. looks dreamy

What would Lana Del Rey be like if she existed 100 years in the future? A lot like the Lana Del Rey of today, it turns out. She’d still be brooding. She’d still be hanging out in empty mansions in the Hills. And she’d still be dominating men. That’s the lesson gleaned from the singer’s new video for “White Mustang,” which was released today and tells some kind of story about tortured love and the end of the world.

We know it’s the future because the L.A. skyline looks more Tomorrowland than La la Land and because LDR’s man is operating some kind of futuristic operating system. It’s tough to say. Eventually, she escapes in a white mustang, he chases her into a tunnel, and what looks like a nuclear warhead launches them. Fade to white. Then they break into an extended slow dance, and it’s all very beautiful and tragic. 

“White Mustang” is the third single off of LDR’s latest album, Lust for Life, and you can watch the video, above.