Lauren Jauregui Tells Us All About Her New Album

“I used to have so much self-doubt, and now it’s not there”

In case you didn’t know, our September cover star Lauren Jauregui is releasing a solo album, which she describes as being a musical “self-exploration.” Her new work, she says, describes how she is “stripping away all of the pretenses I had about who I was as an artist or who I could be as an artist, and just accepting myself and not judging myself so harshly.” She notes that during the writing process, she figured out how much she really had to give, which was a kick in the guts to her self-doubt, and likely a mood booster, too.

Watch on as she tells us more about what we can expect from her forthcoming album.


Shot by Dani Okon

Edited by Madeline Stedman

Produced by Maura Gaughan