all illustrations by liz riccardi


read it: draw to learn

perfect your french and spanish with these awesome new books.

by steff yotka

If you're anything like me, you spent your youth with your head buried in a language book learning the differences between the subjuntivo and pasado tenses, so that you could read through Borges, Neruda, and Garcia Marquez (RIP, Gabo) in their original languages. Or maybe you weren't a nerd.... Either way you could probably use a little brushing up on the language you learned in high school. 

But if the thought of a dense textbook is as horrifying as the cost is exorbitant, I have good news: Chronicle Books' new Draw to Learn series. With handy volumes in Spanish and French, the less-then-10-dollar books are an actually fun way to refresh your memory on the difference between tes chaussures and tes chaussettes.

Check out our takes on the illustrations in the slideshow and scoop up your own copy of Draw to Learn: Espanol and Draw to Learn: Francais now!