#nylongirlproblems: moto jacket

our editor can help you find a leather jacket to love forever.

by rachael wang

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The Question:

I want to invest in a perfect black moto jacket that I'll wear forever. What are some good, classic options that I won't get bored of two years from now?

The Answer:

Congrats! This is an amazing decision and you're totally right on about being able to wear it forever. Plus, if you invest in quality leather, it will only get better with age. The OG for biker jackets is definitely Schott NYC. If they're good enough for The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, Joan Jett, and Debbie Harry then they're good enough for me. Go for the aptly named Perfecto. Acne does a great version with a shearling collar that feels a bit more luxe than the classic, and if you're a total baller, Saint Laurent does a great homage. This is a true investment. 

Schott NYC Lambskin Perfecto 218W -- $530

Acne Shearling Collar Biker Jacket -- $2157.03

Saint Laurent Classic Moto Jacket -- $4,990