This Music Video Plays Like Your Best Night Out

Watch LEIF’s “New Beat” here

The best nights out are those that are unplanned. You may have a loose idea of what you want to do, sure, but it's best when you're of the mindset that the night is going to take you where it wants to take you. Liberate yourself and have a blast. Sometimes this will lead to total magic, sometimes you'll find a mini-disaster on your hands, but still, it's all about the journey.

That's what happens in LEIF's new video for "New Beat." With the idyllic city of Oslo as its backdrop, "New Beat" follows a group of friends as they meet up in the afternoon and head into the night where LEIF's manning the tables at a club. The magic of the video lies in LEIF's glances at a boy who enters the picture. Are they flirting or are they just friends? We, the audience, know as much as LEIF does, since we are, in a sense, shadowing him here. The "will they, won't they" vibe is palpable.

"Everyone has gone home alone through the city one light summer night and felt that unmistakable sense of longing," LEIF says, explaining the video. "We pine for someone, something; it’s that nagging ache amongst all the beauty of life and living." 

"New Beat" itself works as the video's uplifting force. After all, music is the great propeller of any memorable night on the town, and this song is as positively buoyant as they come. All that dancing energy has to be exorcised somehow. Maybe with another person, maybe with the night itself. As LEIF tells us, "Sometimes we get what we want, but most often we don’t." Watch it unfold, below.

"New Beat" is lifted from LEIF's forthcoming debut album, Scandinavian Melancholy, dropping April 6.