Len Sander’s New Video Is An Unnerving, Orgiastic Experience

Watch “Woman On The Run” here

Bodies twitch, touch, and contort with one another in Len Sander's new music video for "Woman On The Run." The Janic Halioua-directed video, dressed in pastel and muted neutrals, is as orgiastic as it is unnerving. (Blame it on the dancers breaking the fourth wall in nearly every shot.)

"Woman On The Run" is our first taste of the quintet's forthcoming sophomore album, The Future of Lovers. Vocalist Blanka Inauen sings of pain being "a dress" and looking to the past to guide what's to come. Are there things just the body knows? How much does one's name actually influence their character? And how does that affect one's relation to the other? The jarring choreography of the video fuels that quest for clarity and emphasizes how overwhelming that journey can be. It's a celebration of physicality and the human need to let go and give in. Perhaps that's where the truth is found—in real human interaction. Funny how what used to work so well in the past still works in our hyper-connected but physically removed world.

The Future of Lovers arrives January 26 via Mouthwatering Records.