light bright

hudson’s glow-in-the-dark jeans are the ultimate party trick.

by liza darwin

Our neon obsession runs deep. It first started with pink highlighters back in middle school, but these days it's taken a more grown-up turn with dayglo makeup, hair streaks, and now, Hudson's glow-in-the-dark jeans.

Link: PopBeauty's neon palette.

Link: Makeup Forever's flouro powder.

The denim brand has streaked its new "Lou Lou" pants with a phosphorescent stripe (the same stuff in paint that makes you glow at blacklight parties) so they light up pink, green, and yellow in the dark.

The style is a loose technicolor take on YSL's iconic "Le Smoking Suit," as if the French designer and his muses stayed up all night dancing instead of holed away in the studio. And considering it's been 50-plus years since he first introduced the iconic outfit, isn't it time the club kids get our version, too?

Buy them starting January 23 here and get ready for day-to-night dressing to take on a bright new meaning.