Photo by Vanessa Heins

LIGHTS’ Bug-Out Bag Will Save Your Life

(Survival not guaranteed)

When the end of the world does eventually come, how prepared are you? Should it come tomorrow—hell, in a few minutes!—do you have what's necessary to survive on hand? I, for one, do not. LIGHTS, however, does. The dystopia fan came through George Stroumboulopoulos's House of Strombo earlier this season, for an in-depth interview and intimate concert, lugging around her very own bug-out bag.

For those that don't know, like me before this, a bug-out bag is where you keep all the essentials you need to make it through whatever fresh hell awaits us on the other side of total global disaster. No, laptops are not included. You want practical things, like duct tape and random magazines to wrap around your limbs as armor. (It's a thing.) Dry, reheatable food is obviously a necessity as well as solar-powered (or a crank) flashlight. LIGHTS even throws a toothbrush and toothpaste in there because, well, who knows. The world could be ending, but hey, at least her pearly whites will be fresh to death.