A Bub And Beyond: Lil Bub’s New Advice Column

welcome to nylon, bub!

by nylon

When NYLON decided to get into the advice game, we were faced with a conundrum: Who could advise our readers and our friends with equal parts real-talk and positivity? Who fully understands the complex and beautiful relationship between science and magic? Who truly embraces the universal feeling of being a tiny cat in a giant world? 

Only one gal fits the bill: 

Lil Bub

. The Bloomington-based feline who stole an entire nation's heart understands what it's like to need a little extra oomph. Born with osteopetrosis, or "stone bone," 


has had a hard time moving, playing, and running—a condition that specialists had said would only get worse. Yet, through her own determination plus exercise, massage, and positivity, she's been able to lead a pretty normal life—minus the fact that 

Michelle Obama calls her sometimes for inspiration


So, here we invite readers to reach out to 


for some guidance and vibes. Fortunately, we've been able to translate her purrs and gurgles into real advice, getting some magic 


-ness out there for all. The second Tuesday of every month will henceforth be known as


, a day where Lil Bub answers your most pressing questions.

But how, you say, will I be able to send the world's cutest cat all of my inquiries? Should we use smoke signals? The pony express? Should I write my letters on a piece of paper and burn it, hoping that the ethereal message will travel across the universe? We will do you one better, dear readers. Reach out to Bub directly at


. Boom.