Lily Allen Air Balloon

ready, set, dance to our favorite songs of the week!

by nylon

Lily Allen - "Air Balloon"

OK, so we know it's only February, but we're placing bets that Lily Allen's squeaky-clean yet trippy-as-hell video for "Air Balloon" is still going to be our number one come December 31. Seriously, it has all of our favorite things: butterflies, glittery nails, sheer tops, magenta lipstick, outer space, cheetahs, and zebras. Apparently no animals were harmed, thank god. Oh, did we mention that it's also hilarious, gorgeous perfection? 'Cause it so is. MELISSA GIANNINI

Tinashe - "Vulnerable" (Gold Fields Remix)

There are so many exciting debut full-length albums coming out this year, you guys, and Tinashe's is high up on our "most-anticipated" list. Hearing her sing is like falling onto the softest, most luxurious bed made with the highest-thread-count-ever sheets, and this Gold Fields remix fully acknowledges this, pushing her vocals way to the front of the mix, celebrating them, pampering them, and spinning them like the silk that they are. MG

Miguel - "Simplethings"

Featured on the soundtrack of the third season of Girls, “Simple Things” by R&B crooner Miguel is like The Jackson 5's "ABC" all grown up. Oh Miguel, take us awayyyyy -- you'll always be our Valentine. ALEXA PEARCE

Chad VanGaalen - "Where Are You?"

It's not super-surprising that Chad VanGaalen is capable of creating some of the creepiest, most out-of-this-world sounds we've heard in a while when you consider the fact that he has a giant grinning monster head on his roof (which is viewable from a neighboring children's hospital, no less). CVG's new track "Where Are You?" is tinted with whisperings of an aluminum pedal steel guitar, a sound that will surely haunt our dreams in the best way possible for the foreseeable future. AP

Highasakite - "Iran"

We featured these oh-so-melodious Norwegians in the "best new bands" feature of NYLON's annual music issue last year for a host of reasons -- the main one being that their songs are perplexingly addictive, the kind of bizarre tunes that get stuck in your head like a mellow brain puzzler. And their latest single is a perfect example: From Ingrid Havik's bewitching vocals to thumping drums that grab hold of your chest and pull it forward, we're a snake in a basket to Highasakite's many charms. MG