Lily Allen Covers Rufus Wainwright In New Women’s March Video

“I’m so tired of you, America”

Lily Allen has never been one to separate her cheeky sense of pop from her politics, as evidenced by her latest release, a cover of Rufus Wainwright's 2007 song "Going To A Town."

In a new music video for the cover, director Bafic edits together scenes from this past weekend's Women's March on London, creating a chilling black-and-white visual. Allen was in attendance at the march and did, indeed, perform the Mark Ronson-assisted cover. It's a somber omen for a particularly charged time.

Allen is among a sizeable number of musicians, artists, actors, and other celebrities using their platform to further galvanize the world to stand up for their rights, the rights of others, and, seeing how President Trump is already bringing the hammer of the law down on environmental protection plans, the planet. Rihanna, Lena Dunham, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Madonna, Scarlett Johansson, Janet Mock, and more were among the estimated 3.3 million people across the States to march this past weekend; it's estimated that more than 260,000 people marched overseas.

The world has been on fire since last summer's Brexit decision and the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump. Though Allen's Wainwright cover is melancholy, it serves the same purpose as a rallying cry for action does: rather than wallow in the bad, it asks you to use that energy to bring about some good. Wainwright writes in the song, "I've got a life to lead/ I got a soul to feed/ I got a dream to heed/ And that's all I need." Inaction won't help nourish those truths. Standing up and using your own voice will.