Lily-Rose Depp Gets Witchy In Exclusive ‘Planetarium’ Clip

Séance, ce soir

If ever you wanted to get in touch with some ghosts, Lily-Rose Depp's new movie is where it's at. Depp stars alongside Natalie Portman in the forthcoming French-English film Planetarium. The two are a pair of sisters believed to have the ability to contact and interact with the dead. They hold public séances (for both entertainment and serviceable reasons) and are eventually discovered by a producer who quickly unravels the pair's dynamic and raison d'être. It's a star turn for the budding actress and resident fashion muse who shines when speaking French.

In our exclusive clip, Depp's character, Kate, is visited by one of their clients, André. He's concerned she's unhappy and doesn't want to exploit their supernatural powers. The three eventually hold a séance to contact André's father. Ever cool, calm, and collected, Depp delivers a chilling revelation on why the dead stick around. "They come back because they haven't finished with us," she says. How very comforting.

Planetarium hits theaters tomorrow, August 11.