You Can Finally Watch The Trailer For Natalie Portman And Lily-Rose Depp’s Movie ‘Planetarium’

Hope you parle français!

Lily-Rose Depp and Natalie Portman can talk to ghosts in their new movie together. It's called Planetarium, and it looks très French.

Rebecca Zlotowski's 1930s drama follows two American sisters, played by Depp and Portman, as they try to piece together eerie happenings in Paris. Their medium abilities attract the attention of a film producer who believes their talents would translate wonderfully on-screen. Fame and fortune follow, which, naturally, goes to their heads. I wonder if the dead could've told them that.

The film's first trailer is primarily in French, but with enough English to piece together what's going on. If anything, it teases a lush period drama with delectable visuals and a strong commitment to costuming. 

Planetarium will debut at the Venice International Film Festival at the end of this month, with a screening slated for the Toronto Film Festival as well. It has a November 16 release date in France but has yet to pick up an American distributor—hence the French subtitles when English is spoken. Regardless, the trailer is well-worth your time. It's got Oscar-bait written all over it and promises two stunning performances by Portman and Depp.