From Lint Rollers to Glass Windows

Is there really an OVO store in the works? moreOver the weekend, your boy Champagne Papi revealed (via Instagram) what looked to be the beginning of the first OVO storefront. Congratulating Oliver El Khatib, the creative head of OVO, Drake captioned his photo saying “Proud of my guy @oliverelkhatib OVO Store opening soon. #6Side,”​ pointing all fingers to his hometown of Toronto, for the new shop's location.

Now, as you know, the lifestyle that Drake has made into OVO does not involve doing things half-assed. What started with tour merch lead to a phenomenon of carefully embroidered varsity jackets, collabs with Jordan, Toronto Raptors co-branding, and of course...the infamous lint-roller. The store, as seen by fans, is physically under construction but already looks as if it will do OVO justice, with dark-hued bricks and huge glass windows. There is no set date for the store opening, but we can only pray to Six God that, when it does, Drake eyewear is part of the product line.