we love lisa

stick ‘em up with lisa frank x urban outfitters!

by liza darwin

OK, so we know we already told you about a self-described "coloring book for grownups" yesterday. But here's one more childhood fave-turned-adult obsession that's too good not to put on your radar.

Urban Outfitters has been stocking Lisa Frank's rainbow-colored goods for a while now, and this week the retailer debuted a new item--an exclusive LF sticker pack.

The collection of custom stickers features all the retro favorites we love (we're talking about unicorns, polar bears, and kittens, of course), all wrapped up and organized in a slick, candy-colored package. Oh, and did we mention they're puffy?! Go ahead... resign yourself to neon '90s nostalgia and buy them for $8 here

P.S. If you feel compelled to buy a trapper keeper while you're at it, well, we're not going to stop you.