Little Boots Will Have You “Staring At The Sun” All Weekend

Put some shades on, girl

Everybody knows that there's a lot of great music being made across the pond. Victoria Christina Hesketh is no foreigner to this territory and has made a name for herself in London's pop music scene under the moniker Little Boots. Next up for Little Boots is the musician's forthcoming album, Afterhours, which she describes as "the soundtrack for when the photocopier powers down and the office is locked up, and you want to find somewhere to let your hair down and forget about the day."

Today, NYLON is premiering Little Boots' single "Staring At The Sun," which was written with Richard X. If you're still trying to recover from last weekend's Memorial Day festivities, this hypnotic song brings the chill factor. (It's easy to lose track of time with this playing in the background, especially if you have it on loop.) As a bonus, "Staring At The Sun" also comes in the form of a remixable app, an area that Little Boots has always been interested in exploring.

"I’ve always been very passionate about music and technology and pushing where these two worlds collide. I also really wanted to do something for fans to explore the music," she said. "With this, they can literally hold the songs in their own hands and deconstruct them piece by piece, putting them back together however they want. For anyone that's ever wanted to try their hand at remixing and not known where to start—here's the most accessible and fun way."

Listen to the tune below and play with the song on Little Boots' newly launched NOIZ app. "Staring At The Sun" is also available to download on iTunes