Little Daylight My Life

our five favorite songs of the week!

by nylon

Little Daylight- "My Life"

Little Daylight are preparing to embark on an epic NYLON Music Tour extravaganza with Au Revoir Simone (get deets here!) but before they hit the road, they're dropping a little present to get us psyched. It comes in the form of their latest happy-go-lucky pop jam, where the New York trio combine dance beats, electro inflections, and an addictive boppy chorus. Swirl together in a blender, press play, and let the party begin. -- Liza Darwin

Kisses - "Funny Heartbeat"

Kisses' album Kids in LA was on repeat last summer, and I still play this song all the time. It's totally catchy and danceable but also low key enough for chillin by the pool. It just makes me happy! -- Liz Riccardi 

Streets of Laredo--"I'm Living"

Is it just me or is folk music getting a bad rep these days? When a new band in the genre comes along that's both totally cool, super stylish, and makes tracks I can't stop listening to, I think people should know about them. So, whatever it is you have in mind about folk music, try to forget it while listening to "I'm Living" by indie rockers Streets of Laredo. You can't find these lyrics online yet (trust me, I looked), which means you'll just have to keep listening over and over--yes, they are that good. --Jackie Yaeger

Twin Peaks - "Flavor"

Twin Peaks apparently make the most of their summer days throwing hazy backyard pool parties and making beer runs. Perhaps that's the best environment for their garage band sound, filled with Julian Casablancas-esque vocals and beachy guitar beats. --Yasmeen Gharnit 

Some Minor Noise - "Melting"

This Toronto dark electro-pop duo brings everything to the table with their latest release that a great dark electro-pop duo should. Its punchy synth melody and distorted production (lookin' at you, Crystal Castle fans) is currently setting the mood for our dance-filled Friday night out at a club. And by out at a club what we really mean is in our bedroom with a strobe light and like, five friends—plus this song on repeat. --Michaela Biasucci