little lana

honey, i shrunk the del rey!

by ray siegel

When one of the coolest accessories brands teams up with one of the year's most buzzed-about singers, the end result is guaranteed It Bag status. At least, that was the case with Mulberry when they launched their Del Rey bag. So what happens when aesthetic whims change and suddenly all anyone can talk about are mini-bags? Behold the Small Del Rey, a shrunken version of the original. The spring '13 bag looks nearly identical--with four different finishes--only it's now about the size of an office phone. We know that because we checked--yes, that's right: We put a telephone in our Small Del Rey bag. It started with a simple conversation, with us wondering just how functional these small bags could be. Just as Will It Blend? investigated what a Blendtec blender could and couldn't smash to pieces, we wanted to know what the Small Del Rey bag could and couldn't hold. Turns out, it's way bigger than you'd think.

First, we shifted all of our purse contents into this one--that includes a large wallet, a Samsung Galaxy S3, a bulky glasses case, a digital camera, a Moleskine planner, a pack of gum, an Aesop hand sanitizer, a pen, and a lipstick. Verdict? It fits.

We then went for some bigger items. An iPad? It fits--as long as you don't mind leaving your zipper open. Same goes for an issue of NYLON (unless you like to fold yours like origami--which, ahem, we prefer not to do). We wanted to see if a foot-long sandwich would fit…but then we went to Subway and realized we weren't actually that hungry, and went for a six-inch instead. And yes, it fit. A bottle of Absolut Tune, Sony's X Headphones, a giant scarf? Check, check, check.

Things that wouldn't fit include the guitar pinata that sits in the corner of our office, the massive salad All got for lunch, and a pair of sneakers "borrowed" from the fashion closet.

But our ultimate Will It Fit? moment was when we took Ray's super mini crossbody--the one that's so small she can't really ever close it, leading to daily subway riders letting her know her bag's open--and put it inside the Small Del Rey. And yes, it fit.

Shop the Small Del Rey here--and then let us know the results of your own Will It Fit? game.