Photo courtesy of Little Wolves


Little Wolves’ New Song Will Make You Want To “Break Free”

See ya, inhibitions

Little Wolves kick off their new song, "Break Free," feeling a little, well, off, as if they just want to get away from it all. Which: We're all familiar with the idea of wanting to escape our lives and just start over, right? Right. And that's where the bright pining of Little Wolves comes in.

The chorus to "Break Free" is perfect: an anthemic, a capella shout that drops into a driving synth line. It's exactly what the moment of breaking free sounds like. Little Wolves' Samuel Jacob Lopez Jr. tells us it's a song for breaking the rules and "going for whatever your mind and heart yearn for, no matter what's in the way." This is a song that wastes no time and is all about speeding things up, setting Little Wolves on track for a new year that's bound to be big as their sound is. "We only get one life," they say. "Nothing should stop us from reaching our dreams."