Liza Anne Is The Conversation-Quitter We Want To See In The World

Her new video, “Small Talks,” is premiering here

"Sometimes there's nothing to say, and that's fine," Liza Anne Odachowski says. Ain't that the truth!

Odachowski, better known by her stage name Liza Anne, takes on that truth in "Small Talks," a punchy indie rock gem that's all too real. "I've always been exhausted by the strange interactions you have with people where it seems like both of you are wanting a way out," she tells us. "'Small Talks' is my confronting Southern hospitality and the sour role it plays in relational well-being." It's a song about being fed up and growing up. Where once she wanted to talk to everyone at the party, now the party is just keeping her from sleep. 

Director Josh Gilligan, along with art direction by Brett Warren, bring that whirlwind of adulthood to life in the accompanying video. Who among us hasn't been in a social situation, keenly aware of all the conversation happening around them and wishing they weren't there? "The video is tongue-in-cheek, a bit of satire," Gilligan says. "Everyone's having a good time, getting tipsy, 'networking,' and whatever else. We want you to see right through it." See? Yes. Feel it? Oh yes. This song and video speak to the ambivert in ways many before it have not. Watch it, below.

"Small Talks" is lifted from Liza Anne's new album, Fine But Dying, out now via Arts & Crafts.