Lizzie McGuire First Episode

the disney show is officially a teenager.

by liza darwin

Get ready to feel old, because Lizzie McGuire celebrates the big 1-3 this week! While the title character (played by Hilary Duff) was a middle-schooler in the series, it's crazy to think that the Disney show itself has officially reached adolescence.

The very first episode aired January 12, 2001--and introduced the world to Lizzie (both animated and IRL versions), Gordo, and Miranda. Not to mention, fabulous teenager-y things like fuzzy hair scrunchies, tie-dye muscle tees, and a whole new reason to incorporate "I'm outtie!" into pretty much every conversation.

So now that Hilary Duff is plotting her comeback (and hopefully our other favorite Disney kids will follow suit!), celebrate the show's birthday by re-watching the premiere episode, "Rumors," below. There's definitely no shame in admitting you still like it 13 years later....