Lizzo Has A Message For You In Her Latest Video

Boy, bye with the cheap drinks

We have all had the misfortune of misplacing our phone during what can only be described as a wild night at least once. Not only have you lost your homies, but having no phone means no ride home because you can't order a car. (And taking public transportation at this hour is a major L.)

Lizzo brings every girl's worst nightmare to life in the music video for her single "Phone." The dancers featured in this visual are absolutely fantastic—we wish we could move our bodies like that and look like half as bomb in that dope apparel. (We'll definitely be borrowing the black lace choker and silver bobby pins look the next time we hit the club.) Lizzo's girl gang is also super fierce as they pop, drop, and lock it down all over the place on the screen. 

Lizzo's forthcoming EP Coconut Oil drops on October 7 via Atlantic Records. Can't wait that long? You can watch Lizzo host MTV's new program Wonderland for the time being. Until then, get hooked on the sass in this video, below.