LOLAWOLF’s Latest Video is a Neon Blacklight Daydream

rage and relax.

Zoë Kravitz is a girl after our own hearts. She sings, acts, models—and she's not afraid to have fun.

Her indie band Lolawolf, comprised of Kravitz, Jimmy Giannopoulos, and James Levy, combines laidback synth-heavy vibes with a heathy dose of stereo-pumping rager beats for a completely original feel. Their latest album Calm Down (released on October 21) explores this electro-trance duality with a psychadelic flair, and the music video for the record's title track (just released today) is no different.

The video, complete with a neon blacklight-filtered lens, was shot in artist Kenny Scharf's Bushwick studio and features elaborate facepaint and rave lights for one-person rager, starring Kravitz herself. She told Complex that the track is a mantra: "A reminder when life is crazy and intense (like the beat of the song) to calm yourself down." While the video gets chaotic and starts to (somewhat) spiral out of control, the singer's mellow crooning brings it back to earth. It's not a nightmare—just a bit of a heart-racing daydream that pulls us out of reality before setting us back on our feet again. 

Watch the video for "Calm Down" below and catch Lolawolf on tour in your city!