Watch Lolawolf’s New Music Video “AYO”

zoe kravitz + technicolor rager dreams.

If there had to be a single music video to define the deepest cyberpunk, neo-grunge corners of the internet, it would be Lolawolf's latest, "AYO." Hands down. In the video, Zoë Kravitz dances around with a don't-give-a-damn attitude, sipping on 40's, getting high while wearing an inherently '90s ensemble of a cropped wifebeater and an around-the-waist flannel. Without any specific choreography or deliberate chronology, the video is smattered with graphics of Pacman ghosts, animated dolphins, UFOs, lightning, and more—this is where every single internet subculture aesthetic comes to get blended together into a psychedelic mess.

Kravitz may not be seeking out mainstream popularity with her experimental video, but she's definitely caught our eye. We knew she could model and act, and this rock royality has proven that music runs in the family. Take a listen yourself and be prepared to go on one wild trip.