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five secrets to festival style you need to know

best advice, ever

by nylon

Festival style tips come come in all forms and from all different directions. The Vogues of the world will tell you one thing, while an influencer will tell you something else. We believe the best advice comes from those who have lived it, breathed it, and, essentially, become it—a.k.a. you, the reader.

We asked everyone to show us their best

for a chance to score passes to Lollapalooza 2015 and a feature in NYLON. The looks y’all debuted were absolutely amazing and presented us with quite a time narrowing it down to just one. We are thrilled to announce Dani McGowan as our 2015 #Lollalook winner. Her cosmic-outfitter look is everything festival style should be: personal and free. (Those Princess Leia meets Lana Del Rey crown buns are going to be our hair-aspiration this year.) As fate would have it, McGowan runs her own style blog called Mermaid Waves and was gracious enough to share with us five of her best festival-styling tips. Though these are geared toward festivals, we’re pretty eager to employ her tips in our everyday lives. See for yourself below, and be sure to tune into Red Bull TV’s Lollapalooza live stream when it kicks off July 31 at 3 p.m. EST.

Dani McGowan’s Five Festival Styling Tips

1.Wear closed-toe shoes: There will be lots of mud and many people will step on your feet.

2. Sunnies, sunnies, sunnies!: Sunglasses are the perfect way to finish any look—extra points for crazy shapes and color.

3. Pack a kimono: You’ll want an extra later in case of rain or if the night cools down.

4. Dress outside the box: How often can you get away with wearing what you can wear to a festival? Like, never, so go for that hologram bodysuit.

5. Do you!: You will have the most fun if you feel amazing in what you are wearing.