peace on earth and good will towards neon leopards!

by faran krentcil

Anna Wintour once remarked that great stylists found their magic by working with profound imagery from childhood. That kind of fashion PTSD also haunts Henry Holland, the 28-year-old style jester who always seems to fill his runway with riffs of Clarissa Darling, the Nickelodeon hero who explained it all (usually in lollipop-colored combat boots). This season, though, he goes a bit more literal, referencing outfits we all saw on our favorite babysitters, or at least our favorite Babysitters Club characters. Holland's catwalk was jammed with pastel denim splattered with chalky paint, and an oversize leopard print playing backup to shiny pink and purple skirts and tanks. There were also some very cool pants / cutoffs / jeans that changed lengths depending on some strategic gold zippers. Maybe because Holland's fellow '80s babies have always wanted to be Clarissa, or Claudia Kishi, or Patti Mayonnaise, we've also already dreamed about these pretty but very fun outfits. And that means as long as the price point is as girl-friendly as the clothes, we should see a lot of this stuff on the street - and not just on front-row fixtures like Pixie Geldof and Eliza Doolittle, either.

Clothes by Henry Holland, Styled by Sam Ranger, Accessories by Katie Hillier.