get a first look at the newest uk to us style shipment.

by faran krentcil

There's a strong and fierce (and once might say obsessive) love for accessible fashion in my heart. Runways are incredible situations, but seeing something that looks great and doesn't take a secret agent mission to buy is what really makes me thrilled. So last night in Southwest London, I was very excited to see the catwalk show for Very, a British website that sells stylish, affordable fast-fashion. The brand currently boasts a capsule collection with the English TV presenter Fearne Cotton, along with heaps of its own flirty and adorable styles. Right now, clothes from Very are only sold in Europe, but come late Fall, will launch in America, and its flirty, sassy brand of British cool could find a strong place in out republic of rebels. There were black peplum dresses and long rumpled satin skirts, and sunglasses you'd want to steal by the bag load. There was textured hair and orange gloss and rocket-green nail polish to set off the black-and-white tea dresses and oversize heart and bow blouses. There was also Whitney Port, sitting in the front row with skin is so dewy, I suspected small fairies follow her around and mist it every minute. I was dying to ask about her cream-colored bell bottoms, apparently, I wasn't the only one. The UK press is fascinated with Ms. Port, politely mobbing her to ask for Twitter photos, for outfit credits, for quotes. Very launches in America towards the end of this Fall, which means we've got about six weeks before all this stuff can be ours. Until then, it's a good time to flip through the photos of Fearne's new clothes below, and bookmark the ones you really like. They'll soon be available in a closet near you, and most of dresses will retail for under $70. Very cool indeed - right Whitney?