lonestar listening

stream the entire sxsw lineup right here, right now.

by liza darwin

Next week dozens of big-name bands and hundreds wannabe big-timers will flood Austin, TX for South by Southwest, marking the official start of the music festival season.

The event is a totally awesome five day concert marathon, that's for sure. But it also serves as a showcase for the hottest new groups that nobody knows about yet- in other words, the sounds the general public will be hearing on the radio in the coming months.

But thanks to BandCamp, everyone can get a first listen, regardless of whether or not you're planning the trip down South. Singles from all the SXSW performers are now streaming on the website totally free. That's 470 groups total, adding up to 1 day, 6 hours, 26 minutes and 16 seconds of pure music bliss....all at the click of a button.

Start listening now, and maybe you'll have your favorite songs memorized by the time the bands hit Austin.