when it comes to denim, you can never have too many pairs.

by rebecca willa davis

Recently the topic of conversation in the office turned to jeans--and just how many we have crammed into our tiny New York City apartments. "A disgusting amount," said our senior web editor Ray, adding, "150 pairs. OK, maybe 100--I'm not ashamed, although I should be." Our web editor Ali countered with, "30 or 40. And I am ashamed."

Me? I've got dozens scattered, between my apartment and my parents' house, and I'm not planning on downsizing anytime soon. In fact, I think it's pretty fair to say that you can never have enough jeans. So not like you need another reason, but if you do AG's fall '13 collection should do the trick.

In addition to their usual cuts (that fit like a T and last a lifetime), the denim brand is also shaking things up with a few new twists. Like a painted pant, which features streaks of color along the leg. Or a textured cropped skinny that's got a subtle herringbone pattern to it. Or the brand's legendary leatherette (I've got a pair in black and would wear them every day if I could) which, thanks to new technology, is even less stiff and more environmentally-friendly than before. I could go on and on--and don't even get me started on shorts.

The bottom line? There's no such thing as too many when it comes to denim--especially not when it looks like nothing else you've got in your closet.

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