fall for just about every look in this pre-fall collection.

by rebecca willa davis

We're not about to name names, but there are some brands that we have an always-and-forever relationship with. OK, we will name names: See by Chloe gets us, season in and season out.

And the label's pre-fall '13 collection is no different. Bronze quilted jackets? Yes. Just frilly-enough peach dresses? Want. Draped trousers? Obsessed. The list goes on: Brick red suede shorts, printed cuff pants, See by Chloe sweatshirts—we'd take it all and wear it just about everywhere. And it's likely you will too, since there's something for every single type of See by Chloe girl in the pre-fall collection.

Think we're wrong? Flip through our favorite looks below and just try to tell us you haven't fallen for anything. Because when we say always-and-forever, we mean it.