the garden club has never looked so chic.

by liza darwin

Yesterday we obsessed over Amanda Seyfried's amazing abstract graphic Michael Angel dress because it was cute, quirky, and an unexpected mashup of contemporary art-meets-digital age.

But if more discernable patterns are your thing, then look no further than Hermione de Paula's latest collection. The U.K. designer- who also consults for fellow printmaster Nicholas Kirkwood- takes the ultimate springtime staple, the floral print, and gives it an inverted twist.

Titled "Darlingtonia's Obsession" and appropriately set in a greenhouse (because what better place to show off your garden-inspired clothes than in an actual, you know, garden?), the lookbook features a whole new crop of silk and chiffon sheer button-ups, drapey skirts, and flowing dresses.

We love them because the sharp collars, colorblocking, and sleek tailoring on the jackets keep these pieces from being overly girly or childish. In other words, they're total proof that you don't have to look like a Laura Ashley model in order to still sport flowers.

See the collection here, and start taking closet inspiration from your own backyard.

P.S. Check out Hermione de Paula's crazy-cool Nicholas Kirkwood shoes here!