Watch The Video For The Lorde And Disclosure Collaboration “Magnets”

for her disclosure collab “magnets”

The message behind the new video for the Lorde and Disclosure collaboration "Magnets" is, if you mess with Lorde, you're going to get burned. Literally. The clip takes place in an alternate, two-mooned world, and stars Lorde as woman engaged in a torrid affair with a dude who's hiding something—and by something we mean another relationship.

This is Lorde as we've never seen her before—a sultry vixen who spends most of the video making out and petting heavily. That is until she gets all Lorde on us, in the form of witchy dance moves and a don't-fuck-with-me attitude. Lorde tweeted about the video, alluding to her character's role as an assassin who's not actually in love with this dude, just pretending to be so she can kill him. Check it out above.